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Peter Welch's Gym in South Boston, MA, and associated brands are dedicated to preserving the traditions of boxing while helping to grow and promote the sport to new levels of popularity. 

South Boston (Southie) is one of the most prominent neighborhoods in the United States. It is home to some of the oldest housing projects in the United States. Although in the last 30 years it has changed from having a mostly Irish American population to a more ethnically mixed population. In 1981, South Boston dedicated the first Vietnam War veterans’ memorial in the United States, located in Independence Square. South Boston is also famous for its annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Peter Welch's Gym was founded by Peter Welch, who was born and raised in the Old Colony Projects of South Boston. He laced up his first pair of boxing gloves at the age of 9 - when his father took him to a local "Southie gym". There, Peter attracted the attention of mentors that turned his life around. Role models Danny Long, Tommy Connor, Bobby Gries and Ed Kelly took notice of and encouraged development of his natural gifts.

Through rigorous training and application, he was able to turn his raw fighting skills and undeniable will into a Golden Gloves Title at the age of seventeen. Peter has appeared in several motion pictures, most notably with Leonardo DiCaprio in the Oscar-winning Best Motion Picture "The Departed", which takes place in his hometown of South Boston and serves as a tribute to the stark reality he knew as a youth.  

A self-made success story, trusted role model and inspiring mentor to many, Peter infuses his own core values - family, community, personal strength, hard work and tireless perseverance - into Peter Welch's Gym. 

Peter has expanded the gym's original footprint beyond training fighters. He developed the Fighter Conditioning Workout Classes to meet the public's interest in training like professional boxers. For those wanting to gain more technical knowledge of boxing, learn self defense and or compete in charity events, a Boxing Instruction Program, developed by Peter provides hands on training backed by a progressive curriculum that measures advancement through a formalized Level System.

Peter Welch's Gym is a training center for many amateur and professional fighters for boxing and mixed martial artists. Fight Nights are held at the gym throughout the year, showcasing the area's best up and coming fighters.

Peter Welch's Gym Shop features training gear and apparel from Peter Welch's Gym. In addition, we exclusively feature Southie Fighter, a brand that celebrates the rugged history of Boxing in South Boston. Whether you are from the Boston area, a boxing fan or appreciate meaningful, high quality clothing, we hope you find something that connects with you.

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