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Boston Magazine Review of Peter Welch's Gym in South Boston

Boston Magazine Interview with Nick Nelson, General Manager of Peter Welch’s Gym.

BFM: Your membership base keeps growing on a monthly basis. What is your secret?

NN: Our classes and workouts are authentic. We work hard to vary our workouts at all times so you never know what you’ll be doing that day. We stand behind our product in terms of delivering REAL workouts that a fighter would do. Boxers are some of the most conditioned athletes on the planet, and we’re delivering results on a daily basis.

BFM: What do you say to folks who are intimidated to walk into a boxing gym?

NN: We often see the timid look in a person’s eye. Little do they know that walking through our door was the biggest hurdle they had to overcome. It’s completely understandable that someone would be intimidated. They don’t know what they’re getting into! On that note, we have worked fervidly to foster an environment of friendly people who are here to put everything they have into each workout. Once you try out a class, you find out that there is nothing to worry about. At the end of the day, boxing is our passion and we do train competitive fighters, however the majority of our members don’t ever plan on competing in a boxing match. We cater to everyone!

BFM: What do you offer in addition to fighter conditioning classes?

NN: We offer private and small-group training. Many of our members prefer more personalized attention, so they participate in private strength training, body-fat testing, nutritional consultations and more with our fitness and nutrition professionals. Our latest addition is the 6-Week Weight Loss Training Camp. During this camp, the group meets three times per week spending the first half of their time in the weight room while the second half is done in our private studio. The program has caught on quickly and participants are really seeing results.

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